Hello @maiyannah ! Is the sourcecode of still available somewhere? Both and seems to be unreachable

@gllmhyt Gitea keeps crashing unfortunately ... going to set up gitlab again probably.
@gllmhyt Uploading my working directory zipped up to the site, for now, but even zipped its rather large.  Will reply again when its done uploading!
@gllmhyt (284 MiB)  It's the current working dir so it has the entire git in it.

I should probably make a version which is without all the git history too ... that'd be a lot smaller xP

@maiyannah Thank you! But I'm getting a 404 Not Found on the URI. :/

@gllmhyt Looks like the site software was intercepting the URL, try now?

@maiyannah Moreover, I have some weird error with my instance as it doesn't seem to federate proprely with your profile

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