@error_1202 very occasionally, native German speakers will forget the grammatical gender of a word and just go "dhmmnh" instead of the proper article. no one talks about it but it's true

@anarchiv Is it actualy the grammar gender, or the declension (identifying the right case) the issue here ?


@im @error_1202
for native speakers, the declension tends to be quite intuitive. it's mostly the gender.


@anarchiv That's what I'm not sure, having talked about this with native speakers, that are also German teachers.

I mean, most of the time, there's no difficulties for native speakers, but in some special cases, there are.

On the contrary, compared to French, the grammar gender in most of cases are not so difficult to get based on the end of the word, there are not so much exceptions.

But I'm not a specialist.


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@im @error_1202
I mean sure, messing up the declension happens a *lot*, it's just not what I meant.

Classic examples include using the dative case instead of the genitive after "wegen" (because [of]). It's a lithmus test for class, too.

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