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Haelwenn [elwen] :computer: @lanodan_tmp

The first few cohorts to learn web development did so by looking to the web as an open book of examples.

I mourn the loss of that type of learning for the current cohorts.

I cringe when I think that it's been considered an acceptable loss in a chase for performance when we have so very much more compute power and network throughput going around than we did then.

It's an absolute shame.


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@u2764 Because all good programmers/ones that knowed how things worked adn why are retired or dead?
Because the Unix philosophy isn’t actually followed by many people anymore.
Because there is more people trying to do code.

BTW from a perf perspective, you should almost *never* actually use inline styles or injecting <style> tags from script or other awful stuff that may happen if you're not careful with your Webpack config.

The basic reason is that it causes the browser to have to do extra work – in the case of inline styles because it has to constantly re-parse properties instead of just referring to a class, and in the case of injected <style>s because it has to parse twice (once as JS, then again as CSS).

Masotodon/Fediverse ou comment avoir des francophones qui se parlent en langue étrangères. (Anglais & Allemand)

How to disable the french → How to disable the kinda-linguists?

@Dia (désolé je passe en français)
On me/nous dit souvent ça, en fait je dirais la même chose de pas mal de personnes que je connais un peu (en même temps je filtre très bien) :D

The fact that so many fucking companies have overloaded "passport" makes it really hard to find teardowns of it.

I do not care what is inside a Blackberry nor WD Passport.

Je pense que je vais finir par utiliser « ou bien » dans mes phrase histoire de ne pas oublier le ? et/ou que ça reste clair si oubli.

@Dia (J’ai pas encore vraiment appris·e les accords/conjugaisons/…)
(Euh… pardon je suis pas sur de tout comprendre, tu peut reformuler, potentiellement en français/anglais)

@Dia (We should have a drink when we meet? / On devrais avoir un verre quand on se rencontrera ?)

Ja, jedoch ich leben (in) Breizh/Brittany (Saint-Nazaire und Rennes)

is hardcoregamersplaining a word that already exists?
if not i’m calling dibs on the coining of it

> She/he is a girl/boi/man/woman
> bread and watter

Wiktionary(my own research):
> Thou, they
> non-binary
> Vegan

Thou are now declared as gender-evil, duolingo. (and stupid, no exact translation exists between languages) pouet.it/media/ahU3htjqAT3z8s8