Pouet épinglé

en: Hey if you see me using ~offensive vocabulary please let me know. I think I’m still in the process of fixing that.
~fr : Hé, si tu remarque que j’utilise du vocabulaire ~offensif met moi au courant ça serait sympa, je pense que je suis encore dans le processus de “réparer” ça.

Pouet épinglé

Here we see a group of JavaScript engineers implementing a method that adds two numbers


Weird thing going on.

PostgreSQL started manually works, PostreSQL started by the initd doesn’t.

Ah yes, Backups probably made my server crash…

Thanks computers.

Also I probably trashed the postgresql database by restoring without setting the target, lol.

And apparently I failed at restoring the db, WTF.

If yeens are so good why isn't there a yeen 2?

Okay let’s watch an anime while it does the transfer, lol.

And seriously what’s up with routers hating big files.
At least rsync seems to restart it or something. (which is why I took it instead of scp)

Eh transfering it over ADSL is slow.
I guess I should actually just had Hetzner do a proxy. :/
Y’all are shitposting too much.

201M pleroma_migration_dump.pg.xz

And quite quick, thanks xz for threading.

2.6G pleroma_migration_dump.pg

Oh my no.
I’m going to compress this, but this is going to take long :/

Okay, taking this instance down for migration, I should be off only for few minutes. (~10 at worst)
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