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en: Hey if you see me using ~offensive vocabulary please let me know. I think I’m still in the process of fixing that.
~fr : Hé, si tu remarque que j’utilise du vocabulaire ~offensif met moi au courant ça serait sympa, je pense que je suis encore dans le processus de “réparer” ça.

Pouet épinglé

testing poll notification

Touhou's contribution to the world of music is seriously amazing. Has any other single piece of media inspired as much?

Booted my desktop via my laptop HDD's and I can confirm that my system disks aren't opening via cryptsetup either.

What The Huge Flying Fuck.
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I guess the harsh lesson is: put multiple keys on your LUKS devices y'all.
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oh great.
Guess what happened to Backups?

keyfile (saved into password-store) doesn't works for opening the disk.

So all I have is my laptop HDD and it's SSD, my VPS should be fine and the bunch of recoverable data such as animes in unencrypted storage tank should be fine too.
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Est-ce qu’Alexandre Benalla a passé plus d’heures en garde à vue que moi ? Non.
Est-ce qu’Alexandre Benalla a un contrôle judiciaire lui interdisant de se rendre sur des lieux en France ?

Copying pleroma’s home to the system pool btw, few minutes of downtime left for queer.hacktivis.me (and thanks to OpenRC I only have to change the home path in /etc/passwd).

Here we see a group of JavaScript engineers implementing a method that adds two numbers


Weird thing going on.

PostgreSQL started manually works, PostreSQL started by the initd doesn’t.

Ah yes, Backups probably made my server crash…

Thanks computers.


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