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Crypto, biometric, scamming of the global South 

Like who the hell thinks it's a good idea to put biometrics on an immutable ledger?

Especially when it's invested in by Andresson Horowitz?


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Crypto, biometric, scamming of the global South 

So worldcoin: crytptos attempt (or so it claims) to create UBI for everyone in the form of crypto currency appears to be a MLM project to collect a shit ton of biometric information in the form of eyes scans to confirm identity.

Faulty equipment, high pressure to get signs ups and they promise to delete the biometrics eventually.

So on the same scale as etherium moving to POS then 😏

I sometime think about how Jean Reno did Leon and then also did Les Visiteurs and you know, it's fine. People can do different things

sex love + robots spoilers 

But I feel the last episode is way above the rest of the season, in imagery and realisation, it's really beautiful

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sex love + robots spoilers 

I think I said it last time too, but god each season is become more gory and more graphic. The stories are still great and the animation is good, but man, they could have toned it a tiny bit down on the gore

🇫🇷 Nous lançons un appel ! L'#application Exodus est développée par les bénévoles, mais nous voulons augmenter le rythme. Nous sommes donc à la recherche d'un·e développeur·euse #Kotlin pour #Android qui aimerait nous donner un coup de pouce rémunéré, bien entendu. Alors si vous êtes indépendant·e, et que la mission vous intéresse, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter !

But on the other hand... No I'm going through the white paper which is basically a powerpoint presentation. I'm super like, I don't get it. Why why why. Launching that exactly when NFT market is PLUMETTING. It's such a reckless move.

If NFT markets are going to be 30T$ by 2030, it means it's going to drop at least 10 fold in between. That's volatility for you.

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Just saw a former high school mate launching a.... NFT as a service startup.

I... idk.

"Étape 1 : Les trains circulent sur une base cadencée : chaque heure, ils quittent la gare au même moment.
Étape 2: Au moins deux trains par heure et par sens
Les trains circulent chaque demi-heure à intervalle exact.
Étape 3 : Les trains circulent selon la symétrie zéro, ce qui signifie que l’horaire du train (A) qui circule dans un sens est un miroir de l’horaire du train (B), qui circule dans le sens opposé.
Étape 4 : Le croisement des trains s’effectue de préférence en gare
Si plusieurs trains arrivent ensemble autour de x.00 ou x.30, les correspondances peuvent se multiplier. En faisant de ces gares de véritables nœuds de correspondances, non seulement pour les trains, mais aussi pour les bus, nous optimisons les délais d’attente et de trajets.
Étape 5 : Organiser de meilleurs transports publics autour de nœuds de correspondance bien choisis."

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J'adore cette collection de programmes qui permet de visualiser et de comprendre 70 ans de création, d'outils et de discussions typo-graphiques ❤️ Suivez ce vaste projet en cours ici, que nous avons présenté hier soir en Mardi de Lure ->

Our rugby team is moving to 2nd league.

Me when I'll see a 90kg winger sprinting at me.

I have been struggling with sanguine lately, but this portrait came out fine I think. On the pic it looks like it has less movement, but tbh, idk what to do here

The authors identify a tension between "flexibility and automaticity" - the ability of a community to respond appropriately to changing contexts and the automatic, instantaneous execution of smart contracts.

This is what Hilary Allen called "Driverless Finance," and she likens it to the "suicide notes" - inflexible lending terms - that precipitated and then accelerated the 2008 financial crisis:


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“The OONI team (a non-profit fighting internet censorship) is looking for a dedicated community coordinator to help grow and support the OONI community around the world.“

#JeRecrute (pas moi)

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