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this week i learned:

blockchains are just glorified rpc applications sending json

perso, job change 

SO, I've quit the job I came here for. I did dev, SOC, and kinda IR in the end. It sucked most of the time and this company is a clusterfuck of processes and managers but nothing real comes out of it except hot air. I'm hopefully going to work in a better place but I've heard some scary stories too. Hopefully, it will be fine

perso, living abroad 

I've got great friends abroad and they have been the ones being there in the hard times in the past months and years. So I'm super grateful for them. I just wish I could celebrate with them

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perso, living abroad 

You know something that has been running on my mind for a while? Everytime I changed jobs, I changed cities and changed de facto my circle of friends. Each time, it's harder to make new friends and each time, I have less patience and will to do so. For the firs time, I'm going to change jobs in the same city but due to covid I've not even a group of friends to call for a beer to celebrate. I'm not saying that to fish for anything, I just think it's annoying

hey fedi i need a new place to sell my time to survive under capitalism

i have a quite diverse skillset ranging from hardware design to electronics to software, basically: if it's tech, chances are i have some useful knowledge already

i want something remote and with flexible working hours if at all possible


I've found a bunch of SANS and OffSec pdfs online (vaguely outdated). Like *a lot*. Anyone interested? Magnet link in DM

I spent the last year using qwerty for Polish as it had easy accessible accents and other umlauts to type in English, German, Polish, Spanish and French. This one is so much more improved and easy to use.

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Me: trying not to overconfigure my editors, terminal and keyboard
Also me: finds a qwerty locale improved for French ( )

Finalised a big chunk of work on a PR, did some studying, now it's time to enjoy some alone time and work on... MY VIM CONFIG

I've published my video regarding a challenge that we made at work. It's isn't perfect, but I had fun doing it.

tl;dr analysing a memory dump of an infected system. Trying to understand what happened and how.

nightmare, anguish, death, monsters and viruses 

Referenced found so far:

* American Horror Story (for the bird, I think there was something like that) or Jurassic Park
* the vaccine one seems to be a nice mix between the covid conspi theories and some short story I read (probably Greg Egan)

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nightmare, anguish, death, monsters and viruses 

Fast forward, you wake up in a hospital and people around you are groaning and moaning of pain.

You feel the picking feeling of a needle in your leg.

"Is that the covid vaccine?" You ask.

The nurse looks at you visibly surprised that you woke up. She removed the empty needle from your leg and runs away. You try to stand up but all your body is heavy. You don't recognize your hands or legs. The nurse disappeared.

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nightmare, anguish, death, monsters and viruses 

It's as big as a horse and has blue and black feathers, red eyes and a bone mask that reinforce its sharp and bloody beak. It notices the child alone and starts walking towards it.

The birds is scary and no one moves, except the child who hasn't seen it.

The birds open its wings and jumps on its prey. But instead of grabbing the child, it grabs a dog playing with the child and disappear in a bush. Bones creak in a grim sound.

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nightmare, anguish, death, monsters and viruses 

Like one part of this night's one, was that a virus was affecting small children killing almost instantly adults and leaving small children to die of lack of care. There was this mom, trying to stay a bit away of her small girl but being tortured by having to abandon her child for her own safety. The child was just innocently playing around. Until the moment when the mom decided to get back to her child, a enormous nightmare bird arrives...

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