are you still using xmpp?

Confirmation : il y a au moins 10 personnes qui utilisent encore XMPP, j'ai gagné \o/

@gllmhyt tu attendras la fin du scrutin avant de crier victoire :O y a des gens qui ont voté par la poste

@piks3l Mais il y a quand même plus de 3 personnes qui ont répondu oui, donc j'ai gagné

@piks3l I’m not against, I just lost my id, and never connected to it again. I generally use IRC that is still revelent for the same kind of purpose. I would like to have/take the time to try again.

@piks3l where's the I want to get into it but no one I know is on there option?

@acdw @piks3l i started like this as well.
I provided detailed instruction and help to everyone willing to use it and stopped using anything else.
I now have friends and family using xmpp, because it is better than reaching me via sms or email.

@sankakujin @piks3l once I install a server I'm really going to start pushing it

@calculsoberic @piks3l I would actually use signal if I could use the desktop client to read sms. That's all I really care about

@acdw @piks3l What a coincidence! I had issues with the desktop client too!

@calculsoberic @piks3l hmmm starting to feel like less of a coincidence and more of a crappy client 🌝

troll xmpp 

@piks3l le répète pas mais ça marche mieux que matrix 😛

@piks3l I checked 'no' but in fact many web conferencing tools, including jitsi do use XMPP internally.
So I'm using XMPP everytime I'm using jitsi.
(and even sometimes debugging prosody issues on the jitsi server...)

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